Monday, October 19, 2009

You will Love a Spa Vacation

Not everyone wants to overindulge in rich food and alcohol on his or her vacation. Although holidays often cater to the most decadent travelers, there is an option for those who want to be pampered but don't want to pig out or incur more stress than they deserve by overindulging. If you want a vacation that is truly relaxing, and will make you feel good about yourself afterward, then consider a spa vacation.

Spa vacations are resort-style holidays designed to spoil your body and make you feel like a million dollars. Their objective is to release you from all your day-to-day stress and stressors. Spas accomplish this by pampering you with massages, facials, healthy cuisine, masks, soaks, and saunas. You will leave your spa relax vacation feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. Spas can teach you methods to relax once you leave, like yoga or meditation.

spa vacationThese lessons will stay with you and allow you to conquer stress once you are back in your home environment. You can learn how to bring your spa environment back with you. You will also encounter nutritionists, therapists, personal trainers, and other spa personnel who will teach you how to live your best, most healthy life even when you're not paying for it in their facilities. However, chances are you will become addicted to the spa experience and want to come back at least once a year to get away from it all. You will not want to trade in how good you feel when your spa vacation is over for the former way you took your holidays, when you returned feeling stressed and bloated from all the traveling and overindulgence.

Spas can be devoted to many different types of relaxation. These specialty spas vary a lot in price and location. You can visit an opulent spa that costs thousands of dollars a day, or a budget spa that pampers you without all the extras. Spas can be in the middle of the desert or on a tropical beach. They can be in your hometown or many hours away on a plane. If you want to travel with your family, but still want a spa vacation, many hotels in big cities now offer their own versions of spas. You can get spoiled with massages while your kids play in the hotel pool.

Some spas have more specific objectives than relaxing you. There are many spas devoted to helping their guests lose weight. These spas can feel like prisons for a while if you are addicted to sugar and alcohol, but your body will thank you later. These spas detoxify your body and encourage you to exercise and drink lots of water. Meanwhile they distract you from your hungry stomach by making sure you experience long baths, full-body massages, and other luxuries.

A spa vacation can be enjoyed alone, or with your best friend, mother, or sister. Spas are excellent places to bond while you get treated like a queen or king. You will return home feeling beautiful, slim, strong, and ready to face the rat race again.

By Greg K. Hansward

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