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Spa Treatments for Those on Vacation

Spa vacations have become more popular over the years because more and more people want to relax by getting a massage, manicure, pedicure, facials, and other spa treatments. There are spas located in various parts of the world. If you are planning a vacation and want to spend a day or two at a spa, you can sign up for a spa package to fit your needs. Going away for a spa weekend is just what some people need in order to recharge and reduce the stress in their lives.

When planning your spa getaway, there are some guidelines to follow so you can have a relaxing vacation. Since there are many options to choose from in terms of where to go and which treatments to receive, you should be able to find a spa that suits your budget. While overspending for a vacation is never a good idea, spending too much on a spa vacation will defeat the purpose since you will probably spend your time worrying about the cost. Find a spa that offers the treatments you want at a price you can afford.

Spa VacationThere are different spa treatments available for you to choose from. If you want to enjoy a full range of treatments, you should choose a spa that offers one or two day packages. All you have to do is show up and make sure you meet all of your appointments. Your vacation will be planned out for you. This is a great way to forget about the daily stresses in your life and let someone else be in control.

If you are looking for specific treatments including weight loss, meditation, or stress management, choosing a spa that offers classes, meditative sessions, and cooking classes will help you achieve each of these goals. For many people, a week at a spa that teaches you how to cook healthy foods, maximize exercise, and learn how to cope with stress is beneficial when they return to their usual routine.

Deciding if you want to visit the spa by yourself or if you want to go with a friend or family member is also important. Depending on what you want to get out of your vacation, visiting the spa alone may be a better choice. This way, you will be able to relax, plan your own schedule, and learn much from the staff and instructors. But if you want to bring a friend, you may be able to save money and enjoy activities together.

If you cannot afford to take a long spa vacation or holiday, mini-treatments are available. These treatments may only take a few hours and can leave you feeling invigorated and alive. Day treatment packages are popular with those who to work or who have families. If you are trying a new spa, this is a great way to see if you enjoy being there and if you might want to visit again when on vacation.

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Really Relax with a Spa Vacation

If you really want to relax and pamper yourself when you plan your next vacation, do we have the list for you! There is no better way to let your body know you appreciate it than to take in a few luxurious spa treatments. Here is a list of some of the resorts that have the inside track on how to really relax.

Grand Floridian Resort & Spa - Walt Disney World, Florida

While some may tell you otherwise, you can have it all. Thanks to Walt Disney World you can have a great family vacation that keeps the kids entertained and also have never before reached levels of pampering. While the rest of the family plays with Mickey Mouse in the theme parks, you can spend a day at the Grand Floridian Resort & Spa. This spa has premier offerings including mineral soaks, hydrotherapy, reflexology, and a complete line of massages, including Swedish and sports massages.

Spa VacationAveda Spa at Alexis Hotel - Seattle, Washington

Rejuvenation is the theme at the Aveda Spa at the Alexis Hotel. Once you arrive at the hotel there will be chocolate and champagne waiting to help you begin your path to relaxation. The spa has a series of treatments for all your ills. From focused to total body massages, to herbal treatments and aromatherapy, it's all available at the Aveda Spa. Before you leave, they offer you an opportunity to take a little bit of that pampering home with you, through the purchase of their skin care products.

Wentworth by the Sea at Marriott - New Castle, New Hampshire

As soon as you arrive at the Wentworth by the Sea Spa, you will immediately be put in a relaxation mindset. You will be guided to a relaxation room, where you can enjoy a beverage at the seaside retreat. Once you select a spa package to take advantage of, you'll be immersed in focused treatments with paraffin wax treatments for your hands, body scrubs and wraps, soothing facials, or you could go for the complete body massage with essential oils, Reiki, or warm stone treatments. They even have a specialized maternity massage for expectant mothers.

Grand Wailea Resort Hotel & Spa - Maui, Hawaii

It's a double treat at the Grand Wailea Spa. First, you're in Hawaii. That already starts you on a path to relaxation. Then you check into this facility. The 50,000 square foot spa has a number of exclusive offerings - aromatic baths, Swiss jet showers, redwood saunas, Japanese Furo baths, massages, Roman jacuzzi tubs, personal trainers, and their renowned Termé Wailea Hydrotherapy.

Sandy Lane Resort - St. James, Barbados

Enjoy a get away to the sandy beaches of the West Indies where you can revitalize your skin by taking advantage of a signature Dr. Hauschka Classic Treatment. They have spa treatments for all levels including a full-day six-hour spa experience which starts with a water massage, progresses to a hydrotherapy bath, a full body massage, then an aromatherapy facial, exercises to promote deep relaxation and a manicure and pedicure to have your body revitalized from head to toe.

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Some Helpful Tips to Choosing the Right Spa Vacation

Are you looking for a vacation that will spoil you with body massages, facials, healthy meals, and wonderful beauty treatments? Spa vacations help you escape from the everyday pressures of life and relax in a beautiful and tranquil environment. Specific destination spa vacations are to educate men and women about their health while coordinating healthy lifestyles and physical fitness activities.

There are spa vacations that include your particular hobby. You can book a spa vacation for a biking adventure, canoeing, kayaking, ski adventures, walking vacations, and horseback and golf vacations. If you are looking for just a relaxing spa retreat, you will find stress management retreats, weight loss vacations, spiritual retreats, and yoga vacations. There is a vacation spa package to fit nearly every possible need. These spa vacations are professionally managed and teach the guests healthy habits that they will take home with them.

Spa VacationWhich spa is best for you? Here are some tips on how to find the perfect spa vacation.

Choose a spa vacation that fits your needs. If you're looking for a spa to refresh your spirit, then choose a tranquil spot that will be most restful to you. That could be an oasis in the desert or a peaceful resort on the ocean. Choose one that is within your price range, so won't add to your already high stress level.

Choose one that you feel you can get to or afford easily. Remember the purpose of a spa vacation is to relax and de-stress, not add more. There are stress management spa resorts that will teach you techniques to lower your stress level and give you a better quality of life. They may teach you yoga or meditation so you can more easily control your stress. Stress can make you sick in body and in spirit.

If you are looking to be just pampered there are spas that will do exactly that. All you need to do is go and do what they tell you. This spa will pamper you with facials, massages, and manicures, the whole works. That could be exactly what you need for this time of your life.

Do you feel the need to lose weight? Then a spa that will specialize in weight reduction should be your choice. Most of these spas will provide you with healthy foods, personal trainers, aerobics, nutritionist, and therapists. They will work with you to change your lifestyle to not only lose the weight but to keep it off once it's gone. They will train you to make the right choices and continue your exercise routine when you return to your regular return. Sometimes it's that little push that can give you the incentive to make permanent changes in your lifestyle for a healthier and happier you.

You may choose a spa vacation that will pamper you but also give you the opportunity to play nine holes of golf or take a private lesson. They offer all the same features of a regular spa but also include your favorite pastime to make it even more enjoyable.

Your choice might be a get back to nature spa. You can do that in some of the most beautiful spots in Southern California. The Spa Montage offers you a retreat on the ocean to reconnect with nature and you. It offers quiet, peaceful surroundings and therapeutic treatments.

You may choose to go to a relaxing spa by yourself, with a spouse or significant other or with a larger group. A spa retreat is a great idea for reunions and family gatherings, and corporate brainstorming sessions. Maybe you would love to go to a spa on your honeymoon. It could be one of the most restful trips you'll ever take together.

Regardless of what spa vacation you choose. You will come away with a renewed sense of serenity and peace, and a new awareness of your body and how its surroundings affect it. So, go for it, whether you take a solo trip, a trip with a spouse or best friend, or meet as a group, you will find the spa experience to be a welcome break in this hectic, stressful world.

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Popular Honeymoon Destination & Spa Vacations in Mussoorie

Are you interested in taking a trip to Mussoorie? If you would like your next Mussoorie vacation to be luxurious, travel to Mussoorie city in Himalayas which is full of amazing sights, blessed with all the natural bounties, surrounded by towering peaks, trekking and hiking trails, a popular honeymoon destination and known for its immense natural beauty all over the world. Mussoorie known as the Queen of Hill stations in India, Mussoorie lies at a distance of 250 miles north of Delhi.

You can visit Gun Hill via the Ropeway. Here you can take photographs clicked in various costumes, which is a lot of fun besides giving you something to remember your trip with your beloved or family. Lal Tibba known as the sister town of Mussoorie, which is the highest point in Mussoorie. You can spend some time far away from the crowd, Dhanolti (24 km from Mussoorie) is the peaceful place for you in Jan and Feb snowfall occur here if you enjoy and want to see snowfall so comes in Jan and first week of Feb.

Mussoorie Spa VacationNag Tibba is the highest place around Mussoorie surrounded by thick dense forests. The best time to visit is April to June or September to October. You can be reached by rail, bus and by air. The nearest railway station is at Dehradun from where numerous buses and taxis take you to Mussoorie. There are also regular bus services from most metro cities in Northern India. Though Mussoorie had its own airport called Jolly Grant Airport but there are no regular flights offered.

A lot of Spa Resort in Garhwal where you get best spa with your vacation. More and more men and women are learning the wonderful health benefits of taking such vacations. Kanatal’s first premium property, Kanatal Resort & Spa the hill top retreat is situated amidst the majestic hills covered with dense pine forest. you can get best spa resort in Mussoorie also. That is why it is best to take a spa vacations to boost your life batteries to full. However you will need to plan and make preparations before your departure. This is your vacation and it's going to be not just any vacation but a healthy energizing spa vacation. Mussoorie is famous for its scenic beauty and hectic social life. It provides all kinds of amusement and every facility for honeymooners.

Mussoorie does not have a direct rail link. Dehradun Railway station serves for Mussoorie too. This station is linked which Super fast trains to other major cities in country. The nearest Airport to Mussoorie is 60 km away from the place. The airport is called Jolly Grant Airport but there are no regular flights to this place. From Dehradun one can hire a taxi or take a bus to Mussoorie. The queen of hill stations is well connected with roads with other major cities. There are regular bus services from various metros and other tourist destinations in Uttaranchal as well as from out side the state. Bus services are provided by state transports. There are conducted tours to Mussoorie too.

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Top Choice Florida Spa Vacation Resorts

There is no doubt that Florida, one of the vacation capitals of the world, is one of the most exciting locations in the world to have a treatment. So if you have been thinking about splurging on a spa vacation, this would certainly be the place to do it. Florida is one of the premier destinations for those looking for a variety of spa treatments. A trip to the spa is a common travel activity enjoyed by all vacationers who need to be "pampered" at least for a day.

Florida spas tend to get busy during the winter months as people try to escape the chilly weather of their home and ease away holiday stress, so if you want to take a spa vacation in Florida, be sure to book early to give yourself a much better chance at getting what you want. During the summer months rates on spa vacations in this balmy state tend to drop; the thought of spending time in saunas and warm spas becoming unappealing to many with the already muggy weather.

Florida Spa VacationFlorida has some of the best spas in North America. Visits to the spa seem to be on the agenda of almost every visitor to this sunshine city, and for a reason. Like the hotels that host them, the spas within these establishments offer an excellent ambiance and an unforgettable experience.

Ritz-Carlton, Naples

This resort spa is located on Florida's southwest coast and offers a range of activities with heated swimming pools, lit tennis courts, a fitness center, and a spa complex spanning over 50,000 square feet. A Florida spa vacation destination that pampers its guests all day, this Old World-style resort is surrounded by three miles of pristine beaches and manicured gardens, as well as stone fountains and courtyards. Tours of the art collections and antiques in the lobby are provided by the concierge staff upon request and guests can choose from a number of signature treatments, including the Feast of Flowers Soaking Bath Ritual.

For those looking for a small break from the indulgent relaxation of the spa and its activities, downtown Naples is no more than 30 minutes away by car, and presents a number of shopping and dining locations. This Florida spa vacation spot is home to at least seven restaurants itself, each containing an exceptional variety of dishes to try.

Doral Golf Resort and Spa

The Health Spa at Doral offers fitness services, facial skin care, body treatments, hydro treatments, as well as massage therapy and over 100 other services. For the feel of a vacation at this Florida spa you can let the warm sun melt the stress away as you lounge by the pool, or try your hand at one of the five golf courses on site with lessons offered regularly.

Tennis is another popular activity, and can be enjoyed day or night on one of the 11 courts available and if you opt to book your Florida spa vacation here in suite you'll be treated to your own personal wet bar, entertainment system and Jacuzzi for further relaxation at any hour. Outside of the spa you'll find South Beach is nearby and the nightclubs stay open all night, so if you need to work off some extra energy the bubbling Jacuzzi couldn't lull away, feel free to dance until dawn.

Ritz-Carlton, Key Biscayne

Almost two dozen treatment rooms are scattered along this 20 thousand square-foot Florida spa vacation resort that offers treatments unique to the Ritz-Carlton of Key Biscayne such as the Everglades Grass Body Wrap and the Key Lime Coconut Body Scrub. Daily fitness classes such as Tai Chi, Pilates and Hatha Yoga are available for guests to participate in, or you can choose to head out to the Tennis Garden, designed by resident pro, Cliff Drysdale.

While you unwind with one of the several activities available to you during this Florida spa vacation your little ones can spend a half or full day out on events organized by trained staff members such as pirate treasure hunts, shell finding, and art classes. There are many more Florida spa vacation options available, but these should provide a decent starter base to work from as you hunt for that perfect relaxing getaway.

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Things to Think About When Choosing a Spa Vacation

With the different kinds of spa vacations available and the differing programs they offer it's important to ask yourself a few things, and to make sure you answer those questions honestly. Why are you taking a spa vacation? Are you looking to relax, learn to eat healthy, exercise or get pampered?

Many spas cover all of those reasons, but you'll have better luck getting exactly what you want if you take a spa vacation at one whose programs cater specifically to one or a few of the needs you're looking to fulfill. For example, destination spas tend to work more towards helping guests learn to eat healthy and exercise right with a series of fitness and cooking classes while spas nestled in resorts, often called resort spas, cater more towards relaxing and being pampered.

What Kinds of Vacation Activities Are You Interested In?

If you're looking for more to do than just work towards a healthier sense of well-being a resort spa might be a better spa vacation for you. There are a number of destination spas that do offer on-site golfing or tennis, as well as near-by access to hiking, fishing, museums and other cultural activities as well, though. Before setting up a spa vacation, check the local area for other activities you might like if you don't think you'll be focusing solely on what your spa has to offer.

Will You Be Traveling With a Friend, A Spouse, or Alone?

spa vacationWhen traveling alone it can be easier to determine where to go, but a like-minded friend or spouse can help motivate you and keep you on the right track. If there is anyone joining you on your spa vacation that might not be interested in the activities a spa has to offer, it's recommended that you look into a resort spa where there is plenty of other things to do. That way you can get the relaxation you need without worrying as much about your traveling companion(s) being bored.

Would You Prefer a Scheduled Spa Vacation, or Would You Prefer To Set Your Own Schedule?

Destination spas often offer a set program of activities and classes specifically designed to improve health through diet, exercise and healthy thinking. If you're more the sort to rebel against scheduling and go do your own thing, you might prefer a resort spa where you have more freedom to come and go as you please without interrupting others. A benefit to a set schedule while on a spa vacation, however, is that it can help keep you on track and focused on what you came to the spa to accomplish in the first place.

What Type of Scenery Do You Prefer?

If you head to a destination spa out in the mountains but aren't fond of heights, cool breezes and thinner air then it's quite likely that you won't enjoy yourself as much as you would have if a spa vacation with an ocean setting had been chosen instead. Setting can be important to many people when it comes to relaxing, because if you can't relax with the scenery surrounding you then you're likely to either be unable to concentrate on that relaxing massage or fitness class, or get more irritated with the world in general. The more you like your location, the more chance that spa vacation has a chance to work its magic on you.

How Long of a Vacation Did You Plan to Take?

If you only have a day or two to wash away your stresses try looking into a resort spa, as shortest programs at destination spas tend to last a full week. Day Spa's offer a variety of professionally administered spa services to clients on a day-use basis. A day spa is a form of beauty salon for your entire body! So even if you only plan to take a "day away" there is a day spa that is right for you.

Destination spa's are resorts for personal care treatments. The primary purpose of destination spa's is guiding individual spa-goers to develop healthy habits. While a week or two at a dedicated destination spa might do more for you than a simple day-trip would it's still good to take what you can get when trying to deal with the stresses of our modern-day world. After all, even in our modern world this saying applies: "an ounce of prevention is still worth a pound of cure"!

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Luxury Cruises - A Spa Vacation for Prime Time Women

You and your girlfriends deserve the best in a luxury cruise. After working hard in a career, minding the home, raising the kids, building a family, you need to do more than have a night on the town. Why not take a spa vacation aboard a luxury cruise line and take a week on the sea?

With a little research and ingenuity, you can select a cruise with exciting shore destinations and be pampered while you sail. Then, wine and dine aboard a cruise ship that is designed to accommodate your every whim. Now, that is luxury!

So what should you look for in a top-rated spa at sea? Here are several things to consider:

Look for superior service. When you regularly visit a spa, you have come to expect attentive and professional service from experienced staff. The staff of a quality spa use first-class products and hygienic practices that are therapeutic and pleasing to the physical touch. A cruise ship spa should rival the top land or destination spas. If the ship has the credentials as an award winner, all the better.

spa vacationA cruise spa should have state-of-the-art facilities and amenities, such as treatment rooms, saunas and relaxation areas. For example, Yin Yang facial treatments with essential oils can wipe away stress and leave you feeling fresh and serene. Others offer Aroma Stone therapy based upon heated basalt stones from harvested volcanic rock. And don't forget a deep tissue muscle massage to work its magic on your muscles and joints.

How about a scenic view while you are unwinding? What better place to relax in a spa than aboard a cruise vessel with ocean views from a private sun deck or relaxation area. You will not find those vistas in a desert spa setting in Arizona.

If you want to work in exercise, review complementary workout facilities. In addition to deep relaxation, you can accelerate your overall health and wellness by participating in a lap pool, sauna, steam room, fully equipped workout center, aerobics, yoga and Pilates fitness classes. You may also explore private weight training, Tai Chi and Pilates training with an experienced personal trainer. Some cruises offer health and fitness seminars to enhance your overall understanding of personal well being.

With your girlfriends, a cruise spa vacation can help revitalize you body, renew your mind and soothe your spirit. A luxury cruise may be what your "inner doctor" orders for your best health, personal abundance and wellness.

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Spa Vacations: Important Things You Need to Do Before You Go

The popularity of spa vacations has grown over the years amongst upper and middle class Americans. More and more men and women are learning the wonderful health benefits of taking such vacations. You might be wondering what benefits?

Spa treatments are such a stress reliever.

Imagine shaking that cranky feeling and actually rejuvenating yourself with a relaxing time out from work. Not only that but this relax time will revitalize your energy level. Spending too much time working can definitely impact your health and deplete your energy and spirit.

It's best to take a spa vacations to boost your life batteries to full.

What to bring on your spa vacation

spa vacationCreate a shopping list of things to bring on your spa vacation. You might think that you'll be able to get your items there at the resort shops and you certainly can.... but for double the price. So be sure to double check your list and buy your items before leaving on vacation.

Remember, certain items like dental floss, sanitary pads and other personal necessities will be double the price, not only that, they might not have your favorite brand. If you need to buy some things at the resort or spa shop just be sure they are specialized items that can only be purchased there.

What NOT to bring on your spa vacation

Listen, you are about to go on a relaxing there is only one rule and that is to leave work at work. Stuff like laptop computers and cell phones are work things, this is part of rule number one. Of course the cell should be used in case of family emergencies otherwise don't use it. Any calls or emails can be taken care of when you get back to work. Have your assistant take care of those matters, that's why you have an assistant, right?

Remember the goal here is that you are going on vacation to relax and get rejuvenated. You are legitimately taking time to get away from the rat race leaving your boss and clients behind while you enjoy your vacation. You've spent too much of your valuable time taking care of those people, you need just enough time to get recharged so let them deserve this!

This is your vacation and it's going to be not just any vacation but a healthy energizing spa vacation. Bring that great book that you've been wanting to read or bring your favorite camera to do some relaxing photography that you've been yearning to's your time; time to relax and enjoy the wonderful benefits of your spa vacations.

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The Top Ten International Spa Destinations

When you think of a spa vacation, do you imagine being pampered to perfection or pounded into shape? Are you more intrigued by the idea of an ocean-side hot stone massage or a ten-mile hike in the mountains?

The best spa vacations can offer the opportunity to rejuvenate weary minds, bodies and spirits in luxurious surroundings or physically challenging agendas in sparse accommodations. Spend the hours in meaningful meditation or learning Yoga. Or pass the time following a regimented schedule filled with body-toning endurance activities.

There have never been more tempting options in spa vacations and in some of the most exotic locations around the world. When a spa is the destination, the choice is yours.



spa vacationMore and more couples and honeymooners are choosing to either begin or renew their relationships at destination spas around the world. For unparalleled privacy and a world class romantic retreat, the Six Senses consistently ranks as one of the best. Bath Spa Rituals with names such as Heart Chakra Milk Spa and Romantic Petals may put you in moon to tie the knot with a Hideaway Wedding, another specialty of the resort. Reach the spa by driving or flying a shuttle from the Bangkok International Airport.


CANYON RANCH, Tucson, Arizona, USA

Since 1979, the Canyon Ranch has been an encouraging source of change for those seeking a healthier way of living. Their gentle but effective motto inspires participants with "The Power of Possibilities." Fitness director Katherine Brumfield prefers the term "lifestyle change" over "diet" at the resort and spa. Healthy gourmet meals have replaced the meager servings of lettuce and fruit that were once common at weight-loss spas. Daily walks, lectures and an expert team of physicians and nutritionists guide the path. The stunning backdrop of the painted desert mountains more than eases the transition.



spa vacationSerious Yoga practitioners are returning year after year to renew the body and spirit at this adults only, five-star spa in the hills of Costa Rica. Sunrise and sunset Yoga classes, a Yoga immersion program and exceptional spa treatments in one of the most tranquil settings on earth make for a completely rejuvenating experience. Guests rave about the all-natural Yoga cuisine and complementary fruit smoothies. Should you decide to explore the island you'll find lots to do nearby in the small village of Tamarindo. For a change of pace there's a vibrant nightlife, sports fishing and a beautiful beach at Playa Avellanas. Fly into the Liberia Airport where a representative will greet you and drive you to the resort.



The spa experience comes full circle by combining luxury and adventure on a breathtaking island off Rio de Janeiro. The week long program maintains a focus on spiritual renewal while challenging you physically with sea kayaking, snorkeling and hiking. One guest summarized their week at the resort as "Indiana Jones and the Spa Break." Arrive in paradise via the Rio International airport where you will be met at the gate and privately transported to the lodge.



spa vacationPure heaven for the uncompromising sportsman may very well be found here at the Westin. The best spa in Scotland happens to be the site of two championship golf courses, archery, horseback riding and mountain biking. The award-winning spa offers the choice of a fast-paced fitness studio or the serenity of hydrotherapy, reflexology and holistic body care treatments. Why not indulge in both while viewing its magnificent stretch of the Atlantic coastline? Glasgow International and Glasgow Prestwick airports are within an hour's drive and Edinburgh International airport is under two hours away.


DAINTREE ECO-LODGE & SPA, Daintree Rainforest, Queensland, Australia

The Daintree may be about as green as it gets for the ecologically-minded spa traveler. Massages and therapies inspired by Aboriginal traditions are administered in the lush natural surroundings of a rainforest. You'll discover secluded pristine waterfalls and dine on contemporary Australian cuisine with a native twist. Each of the 15 well-appointed villas surprisingly offers all the amenities you'd expect of a more urban location. The lodge is a scenic 90-minute drive north of the Cairns International Airport.



spa vacationMany of the great destination spas are family friendly but few can compare with this Italian oasis. Parents tour the expansive wine cellar or soak in thermal healing waters while children are entertained at the popular Kid's Club or Teen Lounge. Even the fussiest kids will love the workshops, barbeques, movies and water games designed especially for them. The whole family can spend time together horseback riding in the Orcia Valley, mountain biking or dining poolside on authentic Tuscan cuisine. Arrive by air through Perugia, Florence or Rome.


AMANSALA, Tulum, Mexico

Amansala makes the list for its acclaimed Bikini Boot Camp in an "eco-chic" environment. Forget the fancy amenities and plush accommodations; there are no televisions in the rustic-but-stylish cabanas. The Amansala philosophy is to get you into shape with beach or jungle power walking, body sculpting and power ab sessions. For any "downtime" there's meditation, Mayan Clay spa treatments and plenty of sunshine. Tulum is located about two hours south of Cancun near the historic Mayan ruins.


GRAIL SPRINGS, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Among the best spa destinations in health and wellness is Grail Springs. Guests are introduced to the Grail Holistic Lifestyle as a healthier way of living and a path to longevity. They offer a comprehensive menu of health boosting tonics, organic meals and anti-aging treatments. Evening lectures, life coaches and meditation classes are a treat for the mind and soul. Yoga, Pilates and cardio-strengthening workouts are a part of the daily activities through individually customized plans. The Feng Shui certified interior is filled with antique tapestries stone fireplaces, making this castle-like spa destination the perfect retreat.



Experience incomparable six-star luxury and immerse yourself in the rich culture of the Middle East at this architectural masterpiece. The tiny Arabian Gulf island is a cultural fusion of ancient Greek, Portuguese and Arabic influence with an old-world charm, reminiscent of the fabled 'Arabian Nights'. This is the visually stunning resort where true spa connoisseurs live like royalty, if only for a few days. The Bahrain International Airport is only thirty minutes away.

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Fitness Spa Vacations

We all have different ideas on how to define an amazing adventurous vacation. Some of us define an adventurous trip by conquering a mountain on a hiking getaway, setting off the highway on a road trip or sleeping in the wild on a camping trip. The common factor for these kinds of vacations is to go outdoors. With the goal to experience the outdoors in mind, make the most of the remaining days of the summer by having a unique adventurous vacation - a fitness spa vacation.

To go on a fitness spa vacation is one of the most amazing things in the world that you can treat yourself with. Imagine being able to bring home memories of an incredible blend of experiences with Mother Nature and the relaxing confines of a fitness spa resort. Top that off with the most delightful, salivating and, most importantly, healthy cuisines that the world has to offer.

spa vacationThe words "fitness" and "spa" are definitely correlated. While they do differ in actual definition and a lot of other ways, the end-result they offer to us is basically the same. Whether you work yourself out for hours in a fitness activity or lay down on your chest for a soothing Shiatsu or Swedish massage, you are sure to leave the gym or the spa feeling refreshed, reinvigorated and rejuvenated.

The growing popularity of fitness spa vacations can be attributed to their programs that prove keeping yourself healthy and your body in perfect shape is not just all work and no play. The programs prepared by a team of health coaches are varied and have different levels of difficulty. Hiking trips, for example, are offered with easy, moderate and difficult treks. These trips, however, whatever the difficulty level, are supervised and facilitated by a professional hiking guide. Also, before setting off for any of the activities offered, a pre-assessment is administered to check on the type of activity your body can physically endure. They should be not too easy and not too hard. The main goal, after all, is that you enjoy your trip the way you would enjoy your regular vacation.

These amazing vacations are experienced in fitness spa resorts. These resorts are usually located far from the sights and sounds of the busy and fast-paced urban environment that you deal with everyday. They are situated in remote and exotic areas that are close to nature - an ancient city, a relaxing body of water or a rainforest. You might also find one or two in a major city, but they are confined in a quiet and tranquil environment. They aim for you to have a good physical shape and also a healthy mind.

One of the things people look forward to when visiting a new place is to have a taste of the local cuisine. One might even say that it is through the food that you truly experience a certain place's culture. Although the objective of fitness spa vacations is to have you leaving in good shape, fitness spa resorts have dieticians and nutritionists that develop nutritious, well-balanced and exquisite menus made up of the local favorites and must-try's in proper servings that will help you achieve your recommended daily intake of nutritional levels.

Fitness spa vacations combine rugged adventure and pampered sophistication. After an all-out vigorous workout, you have the wide range of options for relaxation. There are muscle-soothing massages and various facial treatments offered, including anti-aging facials! You even have the option of attending yoga and meditation classes as well as other relaxation techniques. Fitness spa resorts send out an impression of sophistication.

Some might think of them as luxurious and extravagant while some, due to the highly stressful environment that we live in, think of them as a necessity. It all boils down to your ability to deal with the worries that your day-to-day activities bring. Treating yourself to this kind of pampering is not being selfish and impractical. It is merely taking care of yourself, beefing yourself up with a healthier mind and body in order to cope with our perpetually busy lives. After all, a fitness spa vacation is bound to yield nothing but great positive results.

By Tomer Harel

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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Must Haves before Going to a Luxury Spa Vacation

Besides from wishing for world peace, I know one thing we all crave for as we close our eyes at night, (if some ever sleep), the one thing we hope for is a good place to relax without any worries. The bills, the pressure, the conflicts... we all want to get away from them even just for one day.

And one way to make a quick and temporary escape (the least), is to go on a luxury spa vacation.

People of all ages and gender need to unwind so as not to suffer burnout. So, you have saved more than 20% of your salary for six months, skipped buying ice cream on the grocery list, and also skipped lunch outs with your friends, now you have the money to actually get out of town for a luxury spa vacation.

spa vacationMind you, a luxury spa vacation requires spending more than your usual face treatments. Its edge reflects on its facilities and treatments and the professional therapists who are expertly trained to do the treatments.

A luxury spa vacation lets you feel like royalty. It's like living in a parallel world where no pressure, stress, or anger exists. But it does require us to dig deeper into our savings.

But what do you need to bring to the luxury spa? Surely, there are still basic stuff you need to bring in to make sure that your luxury spa vacation will be completely stress-free.

1. A book you've been dying to read.

Yes, bring the book you have bought but never had the chance to digest. This will satisfy your inner desire to do something you've been wanting to do but time seem to not let you do it.

2. Your ipod containing all the songs you've been wanting to sing to.

Music is truly soothing to the senses. Doesn't matter what genre the songs are, as long as you like them, then indulge. You'll be able to sing until you can't sing anymore.

3. Your favorite pillow.

During your luxury spa vacation, you'll be lying most of the time, so it's the perfect time to bond with the pillow that cradles you to dozing off.

4. Your credit card.

Definitely need to bring this to your luxury spa vacation. You may, wait, disregard that, you will find something that will surely scream, "buy me!' and you need the stash for those souvenirs.

5. Your jaw-dropping outfits.

Why are these included? Getting a spa treatment would definitely improve your hormones therefore bringing your natural glow. So match your rejuvenated body with your perfect outfits.

Make it a luxury vacation to remember

The best thing that you must bring to your vacation in a luxury spa is your positive attitude. The treatments will all be worthless if your mind is still stuck with your deadlines and you’re sulking in misery over your tasks. We all work hardest so spare yourself of the things and that would hinder you from having the best time of your life in a luxury spa vacation.

By Reneena Davidson

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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

For Your Next Break - A Weight Loss Spa Vacation

Are you ready for the weight loss spa vacation of your dreams? A weight loss spa vacation will definitely spoil you with several beauty treatments and fun activities while making sure that you are losing weight. Furthermore, they are designed as an escape from your stressful and unhealthy lifestyle that are two of the major causes for weight gain.

Health and fitness for you
With a beautiful and tranquil environment, the weight loss spa vacation of your choice can serve as your own personal retreat from your regular lifestyle. There are different weight loss spa vacation packages you can avail depending on your choice and all of them are geared towards creating an awareness in you about the importance of health and fitness.

Learning while having fun

spa vacationAt a weight loss spa vacation, you are going to learn about how a healthy lifestyle can benefit you when it comes to weight loss and weight management. The best thing about this kind of vacation? Learning is mixed with a variety of fun, relaxing, and rejuvenating activities.

What do you need from a spa?

Pick a weight loss spa vacation that can fit your requirements and needs for your health and weight loss. There are spas that can enlighten you and your spirit with their silent and calm surroundings for a taste of tranquility. Tranquil environments are usually provided by spas that are near or by the ocean, the mountains, etc.

Something within your budget

Along with the place, choose a weight loss spa vacation package that is within your budget. Keep in mind that these vacation spas are not cheap, so choose something that you can afford but is still within your budget range. Remember that the weight loss spa vacation should be for relaxation and de-stressing and should not be a burden to you just because of the costs.

By Phillip England

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Monday, October 19, 2009

You will Love a Spa Vacation

Not everyone wants to overindulge in rich food and alcohol on his or her vacation. Although holidays often cater to the most decadent travelers, there is an option for those who want to be pampered but don't want to pig out or incur more stress than they deserve by overindulging. If you want a vacation that is truly relaxing, and will make you feel good about yourself afterward, then consider a spa vacation.

Spa vacations are resort-style holidays designed to spoil your body and make you feel like a million dollars. Their objective is to release you from all your day-to-day stress and stressors. Spas accomplish this by pampering you with massages, facials, healthy cuisine, masks, soaks, and saunas. You will leave your spa relax vacation feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. Spas can teach you methods to relax once you leave, like yoga or meditation.

spa vacationThese lessons will stay with you and allow you to conquer stress once you are back in your home environment. You can learn how to bring your spa environment back with you. You will also encounter nutritionists, therapists, personal trainers, and other spa personnel who will teach you how to live your best, most healthy life even when you're not paying for it in their facilities. However, chances are you will become addicted to the spa experience and want to come back at least once a year to get away from it all. You will not want to trade in how good you feel when your spa vacation is over for the former way you took your holidays, when you returned feeling stressed and bloated from all the traveling and overindulgence.

Spas can be devoted to many different types of relaxation. These specialty spas vary a lot in price and location. You can visit an opulent spa that costs thousands of dollars a day, or a budget spa that pampers you without all the extras. Spas can be in the middle of the desert or on a tropical beach. They can be in your hometown or many hours away on a plane. If you want to travel with your family, but still want a spa vacation, many hotels in big cities now offer their own versions of spas. You can get spoiled with massages while your kids play in the hotel pool.

Some spas have more specific objectives than relaxing you. There are many spas devoted to helping their guests lose weight. These spas can feel like prisons for a while if you are addicted to sugar and alcohol, but your body will thank you later. These spas detoxify your body and encourage you to exercise and drink lots of water. Meanwhile they distract you from your hungry stomach by making sure you experience long baths, full-body massages, and other luxuries.

A spa vacation can be enjoyed alone, or with your best friend, mother, or sister. Spas are excellent places to bond while you get treated like a queen or king. You will return home feeling beautiful, slim, strong, and ready to face the rat race again.

By Greg K. Hansward

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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Spa Vacations to De-Stress and Rejuvenate

Are you looking for a vacation that is the ultimate in self indulgence and relaxation? Why not pamper yourself with a spa vacation?

A spa vacation not only spoils you with massages and facials but it also educates you on your health. Many spas provide healthy meals and classes on self awareness and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Spas are located in a tranquil serene setting so you’re sure to shed the stress of your everyday life.

There are spa holidays available to fit everyone’s interests. There are spas that focus on particular activities such as skiing, kayaking, horseback riding, and golfing. There are also ones that focus on your wellbeing such as weight control, mental health and spirituality.

Figure out your budget before you look for a spa. You don’t want to stress about money while you’re on holiday so stick to spa packages that are in your price range. Check out destinations that are off season if your budget is limited; they sometimes offer discounts.

spa vacationChoose a destination that fits your preferred climate. If you like warm, dry air then look for spas that are located in a desert climate. If you enjoy cool, fresh air then pick a spa in the mountains. There may be spas located close to home; you won’t have to spend excessive time and money on air travel.

There are spas that focus on stress management. They offer classes taught by professionals teach you techniques to lower your stress level and deal with your everyday life after your leave the spa. They also offer fitness classes that focus on meditation and relaxation.

Weight loss spas are especially popular. They will teach you how to loose weight and how to keep it off. They have a staff of counselors and dieticians to help you find the best eating regiment for you. There are also fitness experts and trainers who will focus on weight loss. You’ll leave feeling refreshed and ready to stick to your diet and exercise plan. A spa may just be the push you need!

There are also spas that focus on an activity such as golfing. Instructors are available to help you refine and improve your game. You can hit the green, enjoy a day of golf and then receive a relaxing massage.

Spas are not just for singles and couples. You can have a corporate retreat or a family reunion at a spa as well. If you have a very large group, you can have a retreat tailored to your group. Attending a spa is also a great way to connect with a parent, sibling or a friend.

To find the right spa vacation do some research; the internet is a great resource for researching prices and locations. There are also travel agencies that specialize in retreats. Many of them have brochures that you can browse through.

By Peter S. Mason

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