Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Must Haves before Going to a Luxury Spa Vacation

Besides from wishing for world peace, I know one thing we all crave for as we close our eyes at night, (if some ever sleep), the one thing we hope for is a good place to relax without any worries. The bills, the pressure, the conflicts... we all want to get away from them even just for one day.

And one way to make a quick and temporary escape (the least), is to go on a luxury spa vacation.

People of all ages and gender need to unwind so as not to suffer burnout. So, you have saved more than 20% of your salary for six months, skipped buying ice cream on the grocery list, and also skipped lunch outs with your friends, now you have the money to actually get out of town for a luxury spa vacation.

spa vacationMind you, a luxury spa vacation requires spending more than your usual face treatments. Its edge reflects on its facilities and treatments and the professional therapists who are expertly trained to do the treatments.

A luxury spa vacation lets you feel like royalty. It's like living in a parallel world where no pressure, stress, or anger exists. But it does require us to dig deeper into our savings.

But what do you need to bring to the luxury spa? Surely, there are still basic stuff you need to bring in to make sure that your luxury spa vacation will be completely stress-free.

1. A book you've been dying to read.

Yes, bring the book you have bought but never had the chance to digest. This will satisfy your inner desire to do something you've been wanting to do but time seem to not let you do it.

2. Your ipod containing all the songs you've been wanting to sing to.

Music is truly soothing to the senses. Doesn't matter what genre the songs are, as long as you like them, then indulge. You'll be able to sing until you can't sing anymore.

3. Your favorite pillow.

During your luxury spa vacation, you'll be lying most of the time, so it's the perfect time to bond with the pillow that cradles you to dozing off.

4. Your credit card.

Definitely need to bring this to your luxury spa vacation. You may, wait, disregard that, you will find something that will surely scream, "buy me!' and you need the stash for those souvenirs.

5. Your jaw-dropping outfits.

Why are these included? Getting a spa treatment would definitely improve your hormones therefore bringing your natural glow. So match your rejuvenated body with your perfect outfits.

Make it a luxury vacation to remember

The best thing that you must bring to your vacation in a luxury spa is your positive attitude. The treatments will all be worthless if your mind is still stuck with your deadlines and you’re sulking in misery over your tasks. We all work hardest so spare yourself of the things and that would hinder you from having the best time of your life in a luxury spa vacation.

By Reneena Davidson

About Author

Her high school friends often teased her that their house was like the next town as the gate is 1 kilometer away from the entrance of her house. Currently working as an investment banker on JP Morgan, she makes up for her "boxed" life by taking trips to all the countries in the European continent every two weeks spending on her two expense accounts. Chronicles her observations on high-end lifestyles through her blog, Living in the shadows of pricey comfort.

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