Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Top 5 Spa Vacation Destinations in the Caribbean

Caribbean is full of many excellent resorts and spas which offer great services. Out of them five of the best spa vacation locations are discussed below-

1. Coconut Bay Beach Resort & Spa- The best spa location in the Caribbean according to me. Most of the Caribbean people like this resort which offers excellent services with a range of prices for budget conscious people. It is located in St. Lucia's south coast. It is worth paying a visit to this place. There are varieties of food options for the visitors.

2. Breezes Curacao Resort Spa & Casino- It is the second best spa location in the Caribbean. It is the first super-inclusive resort in the southern Caribbean. Guests especially enjoy the Dutch flavor which is very prominent here. The food quality is quite good and there are different packages for accommodations. It offers a range of services and good quality thermal spas. The spas make this location very popular among the visitors from across the globe.

Caribbean Spa Vacation3. Beaches Negril Resort & Spa- It is located in the St. Ann Mountains. It offers good services with a range of prices. It has excellent food quality with a variety of food options. Most of the time it is well booked as the visitors come here through out the year. It is not for budget minded people as it is very expensive. But it compensates the pricing with excellent services and hospitality.

4. Franklyn D. Resort and Spa- Located in Jamaica, it is known for its warm welcome of the guests. It provides excellent food with a range of accommodations. The Spas also help in the treatment of the joint pains. The food quality is quite manageable but when it comes to budget, this is the best spa vacation location in the whole of the Caribbean. Budget minded people prefer this location apart from the above mentioned three destinations.

5. Beaches Turks & Caicos- Last but not least Beaches Turks & Caicos is another very popular spa vacation destination in the Caribbean. But the main problem of it is that it doesn't offer different accommodation options. But apart from that it is a very beautiful and soothing spa location to visit with excellent food quality and restaurant. It offers a range of services which the people like very much. The pricing of the location is on a higher side. So budget minded people may have a problem here if they are not willing to spend some money. But all in all this is a very good spa vacation location.

These are the top five spa vacation locations in the Caribbean in which thousand of people from around the world visit every year.

By John Watson

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